Jewellery Photo Shoot

I know it’s gonna be a whirlwind of a week when I have decided to take freelance job as a jewellery photographer. Juggling as a graphic designer in two jewellery companies in weekdays, I am literally just have weekend left to get them photographed and edited. But beyond super busy time, I know it will be worth for all hard works! 

I have a basic photography skill how to photograph model, products, landscape. And I have done photography project for events back in Indonesia. However, this jewellery photo shoot for Anna Lou of London is my first commercial still life photo shoot. It is a huge chance for me to develop my skills, so I have to get it nailed! I am preparing equipments such as: camera, a jewellery tent, lighting, tripod. And also reading useful tutorials and lots of brainstorming for relevant references. 

Setting up the lighting. 

Got more than 60 products to photographed!

Styling the products


and voilaaaaa!!!!!!
Here are sneak peak of my favourite shots: 


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