The corner of the Laverie

Who says you always need a glamorous setting for photoshoot? Sometimes an underrated place like a laundry service can be a brilliant background for photoshoot. It was actually Yasmine’s idea of taking some snaps in the public washing service. So here are our experiences capturing some shots in the laundry service which known as la laverie in french.

We passed a typical Parisian laverie on our way to Montmartre. It was empty so Yasmine figured it out that we could take some cool photos inside. So it was another impromptu shoot we did, check my previous post about Parisian Street Photography here.

Nobody is around so I feel comfortable to pose and sit on the floor or on the top of the washing machine. Although we got some curios look from people passing by.

The laverie itself is actually quite promising as a setting- the lights coming from the glass door and windows. Also the white walls and floor that are perfect for the high key style photography. For some shoots, Yasmine played around with some machine doors for framing. And I think she nailed it! I love the subtle and cool tone we’ve achieved. What do you think?



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