Lost in Venice

There are some places that you think you need to visit at least once in your lifetime, I might think differently. Venice is such a charm, I wouldn’t mind keeping coming back to this pretty place. The first time I visited this magical place, I made a promise to come back. Last week I fulfilled my wish and yes… this small island still fascinates me and like a magnet- I’m still eager to return! Here’s a story of my little adventure in Venice. 

When I was a teenager, I went to visit Venice with my family. It felt like a dream come true. Now, after ten years all the famous landmarks such as Piazza San Marco/ San Marco Basilica, Bridge of Sighs and Grand Canal give me the sensation of de ja vu.

This time, I discovered some new places apart from the beautiful canals and bridges, this library Acqua Alta is a super cool bookstore. Check out my full report on the previous post here.

Sometimes you find a pleasure just strolling through the city. And watching the sunset from Rialto Bridge is definitely an experience!


My travel buddy was Tanya, one of the ladies behind the foodie account @twotinyspoons so I did eat well! We had a fantastic food adventure. One of our favourite breakfast spot is Farini while I enjoyed a cup of Marocchino coffee.

She also brought me to the cafe with my name on it! Cafe Lavena is located just in front of Piazza San Marco. Even if you think I may be biased about this, their hot chocolate with mint is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life. The pleasure of tasting this mouthwatering hot chocolate was distracting me from the fact that we had a full set of vessels and cutleries on a silver tray with my names on them.

I normally a traveler with a well-prepared itinerary and organised plans, but this time I encourage you just to get lost in Venice. Seriously, your google map wouldn’t work properly and those tiny alleys always look too confusing to be a walkway- so you may just enjoy the beauty of blindly wander without a map- don’t you agree? Like when I stumbled across this magnificent landmark in my mission trying to find my hotel.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

Sometimes you just find a dark corridor that leads to a beautiful canal at the end. And the beautiful gondola with the lovebirds on board just passing through.



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