New updates on the blog!


I’ve nurtured my passion in creating DIY and craft projects on this blog for over years. The early stage, I started my blog with Blogspot and there are pretty much texts and pictures on old standard blog posts. The breaking point was when I moved the blog from Blogspot to WordPress two years ago. I designed my blog from the scratch and transform to the site that I always dream of. Seeing how far my blog is growing, I feel more confident to do and share more and more…

I’d like to give an extra boost to my personalised works, so I dedicated one tab curating the best projects I’ve done so far. The launch of ‘Projects’ feature on the navigation header which showing the highlight of the premium categories on this blog such as: Gift Wrapping, Home & Decorations, Party Ideas, Stationary and Wedding. Each category will introduce the best selection of related projects. It’s much easier now to find the best contents rather that browsing through the archived posts.




I also changed the format slightly on the homepage. Instead forcing the reader to read one full post then jump to the next one, I cut off the content. Now it only shows a featured image and a paragraph to sum up the post. If you like to see more, click through the post as you wish.

The design is also adjusted to work brilliantly on mobile and other devices.


There is no way I’ve could have gotten the work done without my talented partner, Victor. So a big thanks to him (as always!) who turned my design vision into a beautiful blog site. xx


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