The Newcomer Gifts Ideas

September is the busiest time of the year for the newcomer; as many students are back to school or some freshers just moved in and enrol their college/ university life. Five years ago, I had my final year at Northumbria University and occupied my first crib (goodbye to my parents’ rooftop!) in a flatshare student accommodation. I was extremely pleased to find a welcome box full with freshers travel goodies and guides. What a lovely surprise!

Not sure whether they still deliver a welcome box to the students or not. I found it was a brilliant idea to boost the positive vibe for the newcomer. To welcome my friends who traveled far..far… away from her home to the UK, I send out a fresher welcome card especially for her.

Other great newcomer gift ideas for friends who just moved into the neighbourhood. If you are invited to their housewarming parties, these cards will definitely bring the smile from your host, presented with a bottle of wine, homemade cake, or fresh flowers and you’re all set!

Now, take a sneak peak how to make all these creative cards.

Freshers Welcome Card

Inspired by the boxes that people use for packing and moving, I create a thoughtful welcome gift! This is also perfect for housewarming or farewell presents. Follow the instructions below:

You will need: cardboard, fragile sticker (or manually print on a piece of paper), drawing pen, twine

1. Draw ‘this side up’ sign on one side

2. Fold the cardboard and insert the welcome goodies

3. Tie up tightly with the twine and attach the fragile label as the finishing touch

Welcome to London Pocket Card

If your neighbour travel from overseas, give them ‘welcome to London’ pocket card or any city of destination which includes tube map, must visit lists and London travel tips I found from Pinterest. Here are some other tips you can share with them; favourite local markets, useful transport apps, touristic places, the round up of the best food in the town, or the upcoming concerts/ festivals.

All good information is kept in a nice mini pocket card. For the front cover, make it fun by creating a collage from London famous icons. Here’s the card template.

card template

You will also need: cutter, stamps and ink pad, ruler, glue/ double sided tape

1. Create the typo on the front cover and print out the template

2. Cut the template liner and fold the line between front and back

3. To create the pocket at the back, apply double sided tape or glue around the bottom liner.

3. Start stamping around the typo to fill the space

3. Print out the ‘must visit’ list and travel tips and store them in the folder.

Illustrated London Map

This is a fun way to describe London memorable places! I combined a vector based map with stamps to create a creative illustration. Bind together with ‘must visit’ list tied with a thick belly band. Finalise with a personalised signature stamp from the host initials. For sure, they will be more than happy to receive this housewarming card and keep it after the party.

You will need: cardboard, ruler, cutter, stamps and ink pad, scissors, glue/double sided, ribbon

1. Print the map and start stamping

2. Cut the map and attach to the cardboard with glue/ double sided tape,

make an extra 2cm to create a frame.

3. Cut the personalised initial topper. Tie the ribbon around the card and attach the topper at the centre.


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