Padma Resort Ubud

Located in the middle of bamboo forest of Payangan, this luxury resort Padma Ubud is the secluded sanctuary that sets the distance apart from the city centre of Ubud. It’s ideal for those who seek for a calm and relaxed getaway in nature. I wouldn’t mind getting stuck there as there are so many things to see and explore in this large resort.

Waking up in this lavish hotel room with the balcony overlooking the jungle. There is a sliding door to separate the bathroom, so you can peek through the view while taking a bath in the freestanding tub. Take a sip of morning coffee from the expresso machine that is available in the room before heading to breakfast.

Feel free to enjoy the breakfast buffet at the restaurant or at the pool cafe. The restaurant has an indoor dining area and outdoor terrace with the stunning view of infinity pool, bamboo forest and paddy field. Alternatively, you can have a breakfast at the poolside but they’re closing earlier than the restaurant upstairs.

Padma hotel offers a huge variety of scrumptious breakfast from continental breakfast to the local Balinese delicacies. Most of the food ingredients are served fresh from the garden which is just nearby. Take the Agroforestry Tour to discover a wide range variety of plants, exotic fruits and tropical flowers that are well-cultivated and maintained to get the best ecosystem life.  We were guided to get to know more about the botanical life, discover the history of some unique plants, pick some ripe fruits, go fishing with traditional bamboo rod at the small pond and play with ducks, birds, guinea pig, chicken on the lease at the animal garden. In the evening, the reusable wine bottles are used for the walk lights along the garden path.

It’s always a good time to take a dip in their infinity pool. The water is heated so anytime you’re fancy to swim in this longest infinity pool in Bali, go for it. Surrounded by the lush greenery, you feel like you are in paradise.

Ubud is the perfect place to feel close to nature. That’s probably the reason why so many European tourists are packed in Ubud- they are craving to experience the tropical escape in Bali. This resort offers everything you need to indulge yourself without leaving the resort, from the trekking path to the jungle to spot bamboo bridge that leads to the river to the small temple. It’s also very practical to reach the city centre, just hop on the free shuttle bus that is available to drop you off to the downtown. I definitely recommend this place, it’s probably one of the best staying experience I’ve ever had in Bali.


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