Bright Brighton Day

The first weekend of June, me and my friends headed to Brigton. Enjoying fancy free time to the beach and sea.¬†It’s sunny day yet windy! However, it’s been nice chilling day! I wish I could stay longer and rockin at beach party all night long. well, maybe next adventure, who knows? ūüėČ


Sweet escape-only cost 5GBP from London Bridge Station


Blue blue sky…
From the above
Wanna cuddle them all!
Miniature oceanic merchandise
Then we walked miles to find the real one! Finally, we spotted the line of colorful Brighton beach houses.

My favorite color of beach house! 
Get inspired to throw a beach wedding party 
at Brighton beach house.
Today’s Menu: Mussels-olives-creme brulee-and a cup of tea

It’s all about family

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY>>>>The sad thing about living far away from your family is the fact that you can’t spend time together with them. You’re missed their birthdays, public holiday events, and other family gathering celebration. However, I am trying to do the best I could do by sending them lovely cards.¬†
Wish I were there, Dad…xoxo
*Another version of father’s day banner,
exclusively on Kabiri website.
This weekend, Kabiri updated its social media with family celebration theme according to special occasion that occurred which are Father’s day and Marylebone Fayre.¬†
a bunting illustration combined with 
vibrant bracelet collections of Kabiri,

Kabiri Artworks

OLA LONDON- On the end of April, I’ve landed at London for seeking a job. And I can’t believe it’s been more than a month here-and here I am working as graphics and admin intern in Kabiri.
I’ve learned lots of knowledge-obviously, especially in e-commerce field and produced many graphics to support Kabiri’s social media, advertising and brands.
And enjoying working in small team, handling various tasks and pampering myself with fascinating jewels everyday. Oh, could I take those home,please?
The Newsletter
Chanael’s fashionable friendship bracelets¬†
on Kabiri’s newsletter
The gleam of Cabinet’s luxurious jewels
 set on minimalist and elegant collage.
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The Jubilee Banner

One of my collages created her unique tiara by creatively crafting and mixing various elements of designer jewels. This mix and match style looks greats on her head! 

With a bit of photoshop-transforming this picture into black and white to emphasize the dramatic feeling. 

Stylize your own crown by Kabiri.

The Blog
Being creative by customize your style. We’ve got the new stock coming in our store,Tai’s colorful beads jewels. And we figure out three cool ways to wear it!¬†

* model and jewels collection from Kabiri *pictures from polyvare

Snapshots from Instagram

Spoil yourself with something sweet and indulgent. Nothing treat you better than them!

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* Start your day with a homemade crepe with strawberry + nutella toppings and whipped cream.
* Warm your heart with a cup of cappuccino. (spotted: Settledown Cafe, Newcastle upon Tyne)
*Diving in indulgence of a huge cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallow and chocolate biscuits. (spotted: Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne)
*Blend up a yummy smoothies made of banana, strawberry, milk and yoghurt.

Diamond Jubilee Celebration

EARLY JUNE- This week people are getting ready to tribute the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, marking the Queen’s 60 years reign by festivals, street parties and other events around an extended bank holiday weekend.

Prepare yourself to see many of buntings, crowns and the touch of red-blue-white everywhere in London. 

Spotted at stratford station: 
one jubilee special edition train of Jubilee line.
jubilee special edition Mr Kipling cake.
‚ÄĘ Kabiri’s Newsletter
  Punk-God Save the Queen style jewelries combined with british 
  colors look.
headline banner- never forget the crown
‚ÄĘ Kabiri’s blog
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¬†¬†simple, sophisticated and luxuries Kabiri’s special edition ¬† ¬†
  banner to celebrate The Diamond Jubilee.
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‚ÄĘ Kabiri’s window display

Spotted at Marylebone shop