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Spoil yourself with something sweet and indulgent. Nothing treat you better than them!

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* Start your day with a homemade crepe with strawberry + nutella toppings and whipped cream.
* Warm your heart with a cup of cappuccino. (spotted: Settledown Cafe, Newcastle upon Tyne)
*Diving in indulgence of a huge cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallow and chocolate biscuits. (spotted: Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne)
*Blend up a yummy smoothies made of banana, strawberry, milk and yoghurt.

Diamond Jubilee Celebration

EARLY JUNE- This week people are getting ready to tribute the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, marking the Queen’s 60 years reign by festivals, street parties and other events around an extended bank holiday weekend.

Prepare yourself to see many of buntings, crowns and the touch of red-blue-white everywhere in London. 

Spotted at stratford station: 
one jubilee special edition train of Jubilee line.
jubilee special edition Mr Kipling cake.
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  Punk-God Save the Queen style jewelries combined with british 
  colors look.
headline banner- never forget the crown
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  simple, sophisticated and luxuries Kabiri’s special edition    
  banner to celebrate The Diamond Jubilee.
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Spotted at Marylebone shop


The identity system

TO ESTABLISH myself as an independent design professional, I am starting to create a distinctive identity system. I was inspired by this quotation,
A company hires you to be a guide through unfamiliar process.
You don’t know their business and they are unfamiliar with design.
The more familiar you become with their business, the more they trust your design.
Michael Bierut, Pentagram


The idea behind the concept is to restate the design process experience, which results new perspectives in every works.
This vision, we have no idea what it would come up, yet knowing how to start. An idea begins from a blank sheet of paper. The creative journey that takes curiosity, passion and awareness, which lead to inspiration. Those ideas are visualized, experimented and finally executed.
The stationery package- Quotation & Invoice


The stationery package- Quotation & Invoice
The stationery package- CD label


Happy Valentine!!

Dear my valentine,
I dont need bunch of sweet gifts
I just need you beside me
life a life with you…
your lover, xoxo