Paris Recommendation: Montmartre

Montmartre is utterly beautiful that I feel I need to dedicate one post only talking about this charming Parisian neighbourhood. I highly recommend spending a day wandering in the steep and cobbled streets of Montmartre. So put this charming 18 arrondissement in your Paris bucketlist next time you visit this city of love!

The closest metro from Montmartre is Abbesses where you can find Le Mur des Je’taime which is just a stone’s throw away from the station. Find the word ‘I love you’ which is written in different languages around the world. Have you spotted yours?

This route will lead you straight to the heart of Montmartre. Start from the Butte Montmartre then climb up the stairs to find the famous iconic attraction, Sacré-Coeur. Alternatively, my suggestion is getting out from Metro Lamarck- Caulaincourt. From this route you’ll start from the north and save Sacré-Coeur for the last. Either way you’ll still need to make your way up countless stairs, so be prepared! But you’ll be granted by the breathtaking Parisian view when you reach the highest point in the city.

I personally prefer the second route, it’s a bit of tour but you’ll pass some cute shops and cafes on your way.

Another reason is because I love to visit Villa Léandre. The English inspired brick houses are hidden in the street of Montmartre. One of the houses even has a British sign board! It’s so peaceful there and you feel like you are dropped into a fairytale.

Stop for a coffee break or take small bites in this charming Café Marcel which is just by the corner.

Continuing your walk to reach Place Dalida which was named after the famous French singer, Dalida. The square is a beautiful intersection between Rue Girardon and Rue de l’Abreuvoir. Follow the cobblestone alley is towards the famous La Maison Rose. Yes, it literally means the pink house!

The view up the road is so pretty- you will spot the trailing ivy covers the house and a little peek of the Sacré-Coeur behind that house.


Your final destination, the amazing basilica Sacre Coeur which sits on the top of the hill. Enjoy the beauty of architecture and the amazing view from the top of stairs in front of the church.


Not far from the landmark, you also need to check Place du Tertre. The main square is bustling with street artists doing live paintings and musicians singing to entertain the people sitting on the terrace of restaurants. Such a vibrant atmosphere in there!

Here’s also situated the iconic vintage cafe, Le Consulat and just across the street you can find the shop selling various art deco postcards. Once again you feel like back in medieval time. Don’t you just love Montmartre?

If you have more recommendations of places to visit in Montmartre, I’d love to hear! Please drop a comment below and check out my previous Paris recommendations here.


  1. Ines prestisia March 20, 2018 / 2.52 PM

    Great spots and love the pictures, for those who planned to visit I would probably recommend visiting this neighbourhood before sunset, for best views on some of the landmarks.

    Favorite part of my paris trip, would definitely revisit in the future. 🙂

    1. vena-esperanza March 26, 2018 / 9.20 AM

      Thank youu Ines!! That’s great to know that you had a fantastic time in Paris!


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