Rose Gold Coaster and Stationery

I spend lots of time on my desk. Blogging, crafting, working and taking flatlay photographs. It’s my creative cocoon! Sometimes I may get bored or unmotivated. I like to freshen up my desk sometimes. Not a massive change, just by rearranging or adding some darling details. Small things which may change everything. These little things such as match-up stationery are one of them!

I love adding my rose gold collection either buying, making or simply twisting it a bit. I bought these rose gold clips and craft scissors from stationery shops. Alternatively, you can spray the one you’re currently got with rose gold spray. It also works if you want to jazz up a bit of your business cards. A cheap way to achieve edge painting by manually stack them up and paint it over. The same solution to make your own coaster. I bought a plain white coaster from Daisho, thinking in the future I might do something creatively with them. Simply you just need a rose gold acrylic paint, a dauber and masking tape/ Scotch.

How to create the striped rose gold coaster

1. Mark off an area of your coaster diagonally with the same width using masking tape/ Scotch.

2. Dab the paint on the surface. I used the dauber for this purpose because it creates a smooth line and it covers the surface evenly and straightaway.

3. Remove the tape and let it dries.

You can also use your creativity to form another geometric shape. I’ll probably do another post for the whole set of geometric shape, so stay tune!


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