Rue Crémieux

Oh pretty colourful houses- I always smitten with you! The line of pastel houses, darling walls and doors and typical Parisian cobbled street are definitely too cute to resist. So, let us say…Rue Cremieux is probably the most instagrammable street in Paris, don’t you agree? A stone’s throw away from Bastille Station and the famous Bastille Opera, here is the eye candy small street. If London has Notting Hill for its coloured house lined street- then you find one here in Paris… so no wonder this charming place becomes the most wanted place for photographers, bloggers and tourists.

This photogenic street is always packed with people so it’s quite hard to get a clear shot. The second time I went there, the weather looked a bit gloomy and it was about to rain, however the street was pretty much empty. After couple shots, the sun was eventually up and shining. Just in time for more shots!

I took a stroll through this photogenic street with @yasminezka who captured many brilliant pictures of me, she is super talented so check her @shortlegsjourney account too!



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