Signature Christmas Gift

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What is a story behind finding a perfect christmas gift to your lover?

Here is my secret signature christmas gift:

Not a last minute gift!

My key is-thinking ahead, I have planned to buy him a gift couple weeks before december. I bought him a zippo lighter that he lost more that one. He hated it and promised not to buy zippo lighter anymore but always complain having shitty cheap lighter. Well, I cheat on his amazon history to order an identical lighter that he used to have.

Inital Gift Tag

I would like to try something new this time, something more about us and still feel christmassy and masculine. Inspired by monogram graphics, I start to sketch our initial V&L.

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 I’ve got my tools and materials ready: tag, christmas string, ruler, cutter, a square box, tracing paper, glue, scissors, drawing pen.

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First, I’ve made the signature tag by tracing the monogram initials on tracing paper and fill it with drawing pen/ black ink.

Signature Gift Wrap

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Next step is decorating the box. Print some bold red lines consist of 2 pieces 1cm width and 1 piece 1.5cm width and cut them all.

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Third, I wrapped the lighter with tissue paper in a box.

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I closed and seal the box- make sure to insert the gift note/ message. Then I start to decorate the box- glue the first red stripe (1.5cm) on the top row and tie a bow on second row.

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I took the reverse colour of stripe (1cm) and glue underneath the bow tie. I did the same for fourth row (red stripe 1cm). And the last is a single string.

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The box is ready, just need to attach the monogram tag. Thread through the string into the monogram tag. As a final touch make a bow and adjust nicely the tag. and VOILA! A christmas gift is ready to swoon him!

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