Sorry you’re leaving

Oh no! One of my best friends is leaving the town for good. We’ve been friends for 3 years, so I am definitely will miss her so much. Saying goodbye never been easy, all we can do is enjoying every moments left. Preparing a memorable card might cheer up the farewell a bit!. A simple personalised handmade card should work better than a sorry you’re leaving card sold in gift & card shop. So, my idea is to create card that resembles our friendship. It’s all about our journey together as a best friend, flatmate, lunatic travelers simply presented on an airport destination board print. We’ve met in Newcastle and became a flatmate, travel across cities in UK-Oxford, Alton Tower, Nottingham, Corsham, Bath, Brighton, farnham and Turkiye. Till we meet again in Jakarta or who knows in UK? so, next destination, London?

destination board


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