Part 1: St Dunstan in the East Engagement Photoshoot

It was a love at the first sight with St Dunstan in the East while I stumbled upon this charming spot through some articles about London. Something is so magical about the greenery hanging and creeping the ruins of this medieval church or the tranquility of this place. Tucked away from the busy street, it is located in between the  Monument and Tower Hill business district. A hidden gem- the place you would not expect to find in the heart of the bustle of London. I pinned this place in my mind and thought it would be the wonderful spot for an engagement photoshoot.

When I know Tanya and Thomas planned to do their engagement photo session in London, I recommended this place to them. There are so many places you would discover in London (and also photogenic!) not just the infamous touristic places such as Big Ben and London Eye. It was a great pleasure for me digging some hidden treasures, planning the photo session and for this occasion- taking lots of beautiful pictures.

The downside of taking picture outdoor is the rain! You always afraid it would ruin everything, especially for the unpredictable British weather. We had to move the date because of this. Despite the glitch, everything was great- the place was calm, quiet and nobody was around so we had the full focus on taking pictures without interruption. The place was mesmerising, a great background for this warm and romantic photoshoot.


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