Strawberry Parfait Recipe

As a Parisian newbie, I need to learn many new things. One essential thing is knowing vocabularies for all ingredients for cooking. Also sometimes it’s quite challenging as they may be different or not available in France. The other day I wanted to create a simple and quick dessert for dinner. Something fruity (because it’s spring!) and no baking because we haven’t bought the oven yet. Then I opted for Strawberry Parfait Recipe. This recipe normally uses pound cake and graham crackers which can be very tricky to find in French groceries shop. I decided to improvise and make the french version of Strawberry Parfait Recipe. The fresh strawberries add some tangy bits blended with the sweetness of the recipe.

Pound cake is a British sweet cake containing a pound of each four ingredients. You can make a classic pound cake recipe from flour, butter, egg and sugar. Alternatively, buy the ready made one in the shop, it’s called Quarte Quart. If you’re not a big fan of sweet, you can replace this with brioche. I substituted graham crackers with speculoos. You’re almost set, so here are what you need to make this recipe:

A box of fresh strawberries

Quarte Quart

Speculoos (crushed)

A bit of sugar

Whipped Cream


First, cut into small pieces, leave some half-sized strawberries for decoration later. Then coat the small pieces of strawberries with sugar.


Using anything rounded in your kitchen for the template and roughly similar size with the size of your glass. This salt lid is the best I can find around. A little bit small but I can double or triple up the portions for each glass.


Prepare your glass, it can be a small jar or sundae glass. Next is stacking the filling. First topping is cut outs of fresh strawberries.


Second layer is adding rounded cakes- three for each glass or one for big one.


Then spray a good amount of whipped cream.


Sprinkle Speculoos crumbs on the top of cream.


Spray another layer of whipped cream. At the end, add some half cut strawberries on top.


Voila! This Strawberry Parfait is perfect to end your meal- great choice for Spring/ Summer dessert.


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