Model Photo Shoot

Just wanted to update, I am doing model photo shoot at the moment for Anna Lou of London. I am sharing my full of excitement. Enjoy this quick snap of photos!

@annalouoflondon #socialmedia necklaces

The idea of being socialise beyond virtual is so big nowadays. 
What better way to socialise than with your customised luxury social media necklaces by Anna Lou of London?
Get more followers by wearing this cool social tag necklace or share your favourite quote on hashtag necklace. A ball chain reminiscent of military dog tags engraved with your twitter address or hashtag your favourite tags and quotes. 
So, let’s to be a #trend!
Aqua color associates with virtual drawn reader’s attention when receiving this newsletter in their inbox. And this items also featured in Anna Lou of London Facebook Exclusive. Become a fan of @annalouoflondon and discover each month exclusive collection.
Facebook exclusive page has been set up to integrate with @annalouoflondon website. 

Sum up: ALOL New Collections

You know the feeling when you have been so much into one whole progress of project? 

I know it so well!

Past few months, I have involved in Anna Lou of London new collections from visualising the ideas until launched them online. Early months working in ALOL, I created mock-up from sketches, attaching colors and dimension. 

Few alterations came up during process while receiving feedback from company. 
When it finalised, we are ready to receive the samples. The quality of samples was checked and most important try to wear them. 
The samples are ready to photographed. 
(Read my previous blog about this experience)
We nearly there!
Last step, using all images to design 
catalogue and lookbook 2013. 
I am completely happy when both been printed.
New Collection Lookbook
Sneak peak catalogue pages
It’s a wrap!!

Jewellery Photo Shoot

I know it’s gonna be a whirlwind of a week when I have decided to take freelance job as a jewellery photographer. Juggling as a graphic designer in two jewellery companies in weekdays, I am literally just have weekend left to get them photographed and edited. But beyond super busy time, I know it will be worth for all hard works! 

I have a basic photography skill how to photograph model, products, landscape. And I have done photography project for events back in Indonesia. However, this jewellery photo shoot for Anna Lou of London is my first commercial still life photo shoot. It is a huge chance for me to develop my skills, so I have to get it nailed! I am preparing equipments such as: camera, a jewellery tent, lighting, tripod. And also reading useful tutorials and lots of brainstorming for relevant references. 

Setting up the lighting. 

Got more than 60 products to photographed!

Styling the products


and voilaaaaa!!!!!!
Here are sneak peak of my favourite shots: 

Ticket-style Invitation for Pure

You are invited!
An exclusive invitation to become stockist of Anna Lou of London new collection. A aesthetic typography design that hinted of a ticket-style invitation. Pale pink stripes color palette with logo icon as a background carry through Anna Lou’s brand.