Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas_vena-esperanza.com

This past weekend I had an absolute pleasure to design personalised invitations and party accessories for Luna’s second birthday party. Luna’s mum agreed to incorporate her daughter favourite character Minnie Mouse into the party. I brought this Disney mouse character live with her polkadot bow tie and burst of pink creating a girlie touch. To balance it, I added the bright pop yellow to the tone so the male guests wouldn’t feel forgotten. Pink and yellow colour combo sets up a fun, bold and colourful party, perfect for little kids!

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Birthday Invite: The Caribbean Night

It’s the time of the year again, I am turning 26 years old! A week earlier, I sent this online invite to my friend’s inbox ( a modern way to send out the invitation!) To nail the online invite, the best way is using the gif to maximise the interactivity. To allow the guest to feel the west indies vibrant- I created a rainbow colour theme with typo combo and a little dancing pineapple at the corner!



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Never ending surprise!

Hope you won’t get bored, I am writing another blog about birthday surprise. This month I have massive close friends who celebrate their lovely day. Four days a go, Orys-my partner in crime is being 20! Bear with me and discover my plan to surprise her. 

My mission is telling her by phone that someone broke into our house. Literally, once she is so panic to go back home, we are hiding in kitchen to surprise her, with a cake and candles of course.

The fake scene,”The trace of burglar”

In fact, she is really shocked! It means that my mission is accomplished. really well. beyond well. *evil grin.

Then when she think the surprise is over. I have another surprise waiting for her the next morning.

Follow my preparation:

Design “Happy Birthday” printables


Cut them and attach as the lovely tags 
paired with classic ribbons
“A message in a can”
Write down the personal message on a gold cupcake paper
and put in a can.
“The morning surprise” just in front of her door.



Glow in the dark surprise

TODAY is my close friend’s special day, Komo! She celebrates her 24th birthday. I have got an idea to glow her name with metal cup candles for the midnight surprise. Originally, it meant to be under her window, but her window is toward the river not the street. However, we found the nice spot to set up the luminous candles. 

 Just nailed it! a romantic birthday surprise!

the birthday girl~



For Him

NEVER missed the excitement to give someone special a beautifully-wrapped birthday present. I love the gift hunting~allow you to be creative and it is so much fun than do shopping for yourself. And also creating a custom message will add personal feel. 

Here’s how I packaged the gift:

Make your personal birthday message.


Wrap and embellish the box with silver ribbon.

Glue the printable card on the flat cupcake paper. 
well wrapped and loved.


Joyeux anniversaire, x