New updates on the blog!


I’ve nurtured my passion in creating DIY and craft projects on this blog for over years. The early stage, I started my blog with Blogspot and there are pretty much texts and pictures on old standard blog posts. The breaking point was when I moved the blog from Blogspot to WordPress two years ago. I designed my blog from the scratch and transform to the site that I always dream of. Seeing how far my blog is growing, I feel more confident to do and share more and more…

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Hello Friends!

Hi! You land on my brand new blog! Finally, after several weeks progress on design and coding, voila– it’s a wrap! Never happened without a huge help from my brilliant boy, Victor who has integrated my design onto a lovely website.

Here’s the sneak peak:




Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 11.37.39 PM

Move to WordPress, I am currently transferring my archives from blogspot to here, so I won’t lose my old posts. This blog has several new features such as Wishlist which is showing what I am keen to have at the moment, Portfolio which is giving more details of my design experience, social media to give simple access to a collection of beautiful pictures! With this new appearance and feature, I am thrilled to post more often!

xxx vena