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As much I love my job as a graphic designer and working for clients’ demand in daily/freelance basis, I found the nature of branding sometimes can be challenging– artwork getting tweaked over and over, concept and guidelines getting compromised?

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Kabiri stationery: on the spotlight

These adorable compliment card, gift card, designer card, message card are such a great addition to the launching of Kabiri brand new website.
Time to design a clean modern style of Kabiri core brand into a beautiful black and white stationery.
Compliment card
Gift card & Designer Card
A sense of elegant, Kabiri logo printed on black plastic paper with black matt finishing. The gift card also paired with a textured white envelope to attach the whole package together.
A glossy and embossed Kabiri logo on front of black art cartoon. The designer name and jewellery care instructions beautifully composed on the back.


A pretty gift wrapping from Kabiri
I was beyond excited to wrap
my favorite piece from Cabinet for customer.
Personal message card
Request-able Personal Message
Nothing more special than a piece of textured paper
written your personal message.



iPhone Case

Designing this stylish iphone case took lots attention. Adapting Anna Lou brand with your favorite vibrant colours into a durable plastic that will wrap around your iphone 4, 4s or 5. 
Attempt I: Anna Lou’s brand patterns paired with corporate colors.
Attempt II: After first samples arrived, we have done several adjusment on color and size.
See the sneak peak of new design:
Final Attempt: To check out we will receive the exact colors, 
I design special iPhone case sample,
All in one!
The sample case is arrived! And we are pleased of the colors.





AnnaLou of London

TIME has just gone ahead. Just realized it has been one month working with Anna Lou of London. Take a sneak peak what I have been done so far.

Getting my hands dirty on color 
photoshop editing. 

Developing the brand new identity of Anna Lou, providing graphics for website
Creating layout for guest edit featured by Angela Scanlon, Anna Lou’s Ambassador and also Anna Lou’s online lookbook.

Supporting marketing and social media! Here are the examples:


Feel free to spot #beautifullybritish 


Socialize with Anna Lou in instagram 

Happy working!