DIY Vellum Confetti Cones

Beside planning the wedding, I had so much fun doing some DIYs for my wedding as you can tell. I loved the process is just as much as the wedding day itself. If you decide to do a bit of DIY for your wedding even you’re not a crafty person, this DIY trick definitely works our for you. It’s so easy and simple to create your own DIY velum confetti cones. Follow along to find out the how to steps.

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DIY Confetti Cones


Spring is in full swing this month, so I guess it’s probably the most perfect time for the wedding season. Planning your dream wedding reception with full of attention into every detail could drain your energy and your pockets! Find a clever way to DIY which will cut down unnecessary expenses from your budget. DIY will be the great money-saving solution. One of the ideas is making your own confetti cones and filling them with rose petals, dried flowers, sprinkles, or anything you’d like!  You don’t need to be a craft expert to do this, making confetti cones is simple and quick!

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