Strawberry Chocolate Caramel Parfait

I can’t resist not to buying fresh strawberries from market. They look extremely delicious and smells pleasantly. The other day, I made this Strawberry Parfait dessert and everyone loved it! This time I’m gonna try to add chocolate and caramel. It’s easy, pretty and perfect for Spring or Summer treat. The recipe doesn’t take long to create, simply just stack these ingredients below.

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Oreo Cheesecake Parfait

My fave dessert ingredient apart from strawberry is Oreo! Seriously I don’t eat the biscuit itself but I love to have Oreo cheesecake or milkshake, they are super yummy. If you don’t have much time left to prepare the dessert, this Oreo Cheesecake Parfait recipe is perfect for you. The recipe is super easy to make and it tastes excellent. It only takes 5 minutes of your time.

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Strawberry Parfait Recipe

As a Parisian newbie, I need to learn many new things. One essential thing is knowing vocabularies for all ingredients for cooking. Also sometimes it’s quite challenging as they may be different or not available in France. The other day I wanted to create a simple and quick dessert for dinner. Something fruity (because it’s spring!) and no baking because we haven’t bought the oven yet. Then I opted for Strawberry Parfait Recipe. This recipe normally uses pound cake and graham crackers which can be very tricky to find in French groceries shop. I decided to improvise and make the french version of Strawberry Parfait Recipe. The fresh strawberries add some tangy bits blended with the sweetness of the recipe.

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Strawberry Pannacotta Recipe


Summer is upon us! But I do admit I feel sneaky wearing my sandals and sunglasses on lately as the temperature in London could be as hot as in Summer time. Hmm…sometimes…well, if you know the British weather quite well you know exactly what I mean..haha… I just can’t wait to lay under the sun with a fruity drink or cocktail on the beach. These Strawberry Pannacotta will definitely spice up your holiday!

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Strawberry Tart Recipe


When you host a dinner party or simply prepare a homecooking dinner for your family or friends, probably some fancy appetisers, main course, cocktail recipe? Then you probably won’t have too much energy left to prepare the dessert… If you’re looking for an easy recipe and quick to make but delicious and yummy for sure…these mini strawberry tarts are great treats for anyone- who couldn’t resist those scrumptious fresh strawberries? Click through the instructions to make Strawberry Tart Recipe.

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