Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Bits & bots from Instagram
ABOVE LEFT: Dirty French Book from Orys with lovely name tag.
ABOVE RIGHT: Black heels door stopper from Andrew! 


BELOW LEFT: Fluffy deer sleeves from me to myself.
BELOW RIGHT: Art and crafts book from Makom with a berry red christmas card. 
So excited with this craft tutorial book!

Oh I love this christmas!

Paper Adornment

I Heart Paper Adornment.
The sweet little tag, lovely mini booklet 
or quirky custom card could really make a statement.




Beautifully British– the union jack corporate pattern 
is used as background with grey color palette.


All size mini booklet~ available for both large candles 
and travel sized candle.
crown pattern endpaper
Check out the full round up-each spread includes product details each candle variant, 
Candles collection is featured with a gorgeous mini booklet 
contains product descriptions. 
Beautifully wrapped!


Seasonal greetings– Find a custom message in christmas card wrapped in your Anna Lou order.

My Own Tote Bag

SEPTEMBER is all about changing! Starting September with a chill in the air, but it does not stop me to explore London. While I am going out, I always bring lots of stuff in my bag. You could find tissue, hand gel, nail cutter, eye drop, flash disk, etc. Hahaha… my super first aid kit bag. No wonder if I need a large bag for that. 

I normally wear a cotton tote bag for working and shopping groceries. But my old tote bag- I love Newcastle which was accidentally damaged by my fault, need to be replaced with a new one. Then I have got an idea to design my own tote bag, especially after reading post from this my favorite blog:
Inspiration: triangle motif on cotton blend material
I am so excited to make my own tote bag! Firstly, I sketch my ideas on a piece of paper and write down a list of supplies.
• purple wool velt 
• fabric glue
• cotton tote bag-natural color (from ebay)
• scissors
Almost done!
Mosaic triangles!
Spotted and Loved: Zucono (nearby Angel Station)
a delicious homemade ice cream and cake cafe with 
homey interior and terrace