DIY Christmas Acrylic Baubles

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the essential traditions that we are looking forward to every holiday season. Whether you do this as a fun activity with your kids and family or simply to decorate your home with festive spirit, there are so many ways to bring this magical tree alive. If you’re feeling crafty and you want to have something special rather than your old stocks of festive ornaments, your own made Christmas baubles are so much better than buying new ones. Turn this clear plastic ball from a craft shop into a perfect Christmas bauble, you can fill it with any decorations you’d love. Here are 4 ways how to style them up.

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DIY Christmas Packaging

It’s the time of the year again! Let’s share the joy of the holiday spirit with the gift gifting tradition. When you’ve spent time to choose the right gift for your loved one, it’s only fair that you also pay a good attention to the packaging. Create a beautiful festive packaging with some simple materials that are easy to get. Head this way for an easy and fun do it yourself Christmas packaging.

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Holiday Cards

It’s Holiday Card time! Every year I always make my own card and send over to my families, friends and colleagues. It’s more practical since I have families in my hometown and friends across the countries and I want to make sure to share some Christmas wishes with them. There’s nothing quite like a hand painted and brush lettering Christmas card with a personal message inside, so check out my collection of holiday cards this year!

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Festive Gift Wrapping

I love gift wrapping as much hunting for the gifts! I can’t wait to share with you my gift wrap choice for this year. I decided to go for gold and silver theme with this Christmas baubles and ornaments, glittery ribbons, and printable holiday gift tags. Hope it would give a little idea for a last minute wrapper. Tis the season for massive festive gifts that beautifully wrapped with love!


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Bon Appetit!

As the climax to end the year 2013, I headed out to France early morning of 24th December to spend christmas eve with Victor’s families. The last few weeks of December had been such a crazy whirlwind at work, and I’m looking forward to christmas holiday. It turned out to be a lovely and very relaxing holiday. I felt bit nervous seeing his whole families at first time but they are very sweet. I extremely enjoyed festive foods and mouthwatering french foods. I am signed in as a french food lover! Here’s the recap some of my favorites:


Victor said I won’t miss scallops and snails during this festive season. Some of people might find it terrible but definitely not for me!

photo 2 (3)

photo 5 (2)

We headed to Franche-Comte, a countryside in France where most of Victor’s families live. They have good camping bread, cheese, champagne and wine.

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (2)

french mushroom on cute-fish pastry

Long time during medieval people in France-Switzerland mountains melt their ‘bad cheese’ and eat along with meats. Nowadays, people melt their good cheese and eat as meals.

photo 4

photo 5 (1)


photo 1 (2)

Typical french festive cakes/ ice cream cakes. No wonder why my jeans get tighter after eat!

Another french tradition- the first sunday after Christmas, they share a piece of almond cake in family or school. If you are lucky you will find a figure in a piece of cake that you eat. Then you will be entitled as a king/ queen with crown of course! And you may select your king or queen and give a special kiss! French kiss maybe?

photo 4 (1)

And I’ve got it!

I wish you all have an ultimate holiday! x