Bridesmaid Invitation Suite

Today I’m sharing my recent project, the bridesmaid invitation suite for Tanya so she can surprise her girls and pop the big question. Considering their friendship bonds over the years and their commitment to help throughout the wedding plan and on the day, we agree that bridesmaids deserve to be spoiled with some nice and thoughtful invitation gift. It’s not just a card, it’s an ultimate invitation suite that will be cherished and remembered through the time.

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Pretty Pastel Wedding Gift

Love is in the air! Another close friend announced she will get married next month. What an exciting news! The sad thing I could not make it this time, very annoying. However, I prepare something special and sweet for her to commemorate her big day.

Something blue…

First decision is colour! I will use her favourite pink colour mix with pastel blue as it often associates with wedding theme. I am having a big crush with these flattering candy colours. I mock up my inspiration moodboard with colour pantone guide.


I can imagine this gift will be utterly feminine with pastel and materials I have prepared: paper doilies, pink fancy paper, pastel pink and blue paper flower, light blue cupcake liners, lace ribbon.


Something personal…

As always, I wanted to bring personal touch into the gift, so a personalised jewellery with their own stamp would make a lovely keepsake. In addition, I repeated  the initial C&S on cute pink heart shaped.



 A beautiful rose gold monogram necklace from Anna Lou of London.

I planned the task that needs to be done- envelope, message card and initials ornament. For envelope, you can buy a textured pink envelope or make one from this template below. Adjust the size as you want, mine is refer to the size of doilies as an envelope line. Try to put the doilies in, see if it is perfectly fit.

Mini Envelope Template


Cut the outline, fold and stick with the glue.


Glue the doilies inside the envelope. Then, cut the rim of envelope into an oval shape, leave the doilies pop up from inside.


Tie the envelope with lace ribbon. The knot is on left bottom of the envelope.

Something beautiful

Now it’s time to create sweet details- the little flower bouquet.


Bunch a cupcake liner. Repeat until you have got nice flower arrangement. Mix it with ready made flower paper.


Staple all together and stick it at the left corner. Tie with lace ribbon to make sure it won’t move.

Something memorable…

The final touch, I wrote a handwritten message for her on a piece of cardboard. Also, stick the initial printable on gold foil cupcake liner to give colour accents. Attach the ornament at the back of message card.




Never ending surprise!

Hope you won’t get bored, I am writing another blog about birthday surprise. This month I have massive close friends who celebrate their lovely day. Four days a go, Orys-my partner in crime is being 20! Bear with me and discover my plan to surprise her. 

My mission is telling her by phone that someone broke into our house. Literally, once she is so panic to go back home, we are hiding in kitchen to surprise her, with a cake and candles of course.

The fake scene,”The trace of burglar”

In fact, she is really shocked! It means that my mission is accomplished. really well. beyond well. *evil grin.

Then when she think the surprise is over. I have another surprise waiting for her the next morning.

Follow my preparation:

Design “Happy Birthday” printables


Cut them and attach as the lovely tags 
paired with classic ribbons
“A message in a can”
Write down the personal message on a gold cupcake paper
and put in a can.
“The morning surprise” just in front of her door.