Summertime in Bali

This was the first time Victor visited my hometown, Indonesia and I was trying to beat his surprise on our French Riviera road trip previously (see the post) by bringing him to our paradise, Bali. It was a successful mission, at the end of our trip he said this was the best trip we’ve ever had. I am totally pleased! This burst of excitement also got into me as it was ages ago when I visited Bali- most probably during my school field trip. So pardon me if I acted like a tourist and freaked out every-time I saw the infinity pools.

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I’m on Youtube!

Hi! I’ve just made a short clip of my road trip to French Riviera, Monaco and Italian Riviera. Check it out!

Also the full blog post is here in case you’ve missed it!


Road trip to the South of France

Last month to celebrate my birthday, we headed to the South of France. I was so excited for my first road trip exploring this beautiful country, France. We rented a car and planned to drive along the coastline of the French Riviera and Italian Riviera including Monaco. One of the perks living in Europe is the distance- you could easily jump and step on another country in hours. So fancy for lunch in Monaco and dinner in Italy in one day?

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DIY: Decorating Kraft Favor Bags

It’s holiday season again! And it’s my favourite time of the year but indeed it’s the busiest month. As you know, wrapping presents is the essential point on my holiday to-do-list. I like decorating my own gift wrapping and presenting them in such unique and special way. I will talk later on another post how I wrap my festive gifts this Christmas but today I like to share this DIY Kraft Favor Bags. They are perfect for wrapping a small present such as Christmas chocolates & candies for children, cookies or minced pie for your neighbour and even as a party bag for your festive dinner. Below are three easy and fun ways to decorate your kraft favor bags. Simply get the kraft bags from local craft shop, let’s wrap it up!

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Barcelona, Gaudi’s hometown

I had been craving to visit Spain for such a long time. Finally, this Summer I was lucky enough to tuck into the beauty of Barcelona. Who doesn’t love Barcelona? The capital of Catalonia offers magnificent art and architecture, tapas and sangria feast, nice and bubbly Catalans, Zara at Spanish prices(eh?) and lots of Sunshines!

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