Kim Soo- concept design store

There are so many cool places in Seminyak especially at Jalan Kayu Aya- Here you can spot some famous cafes, restaurants, shops, coffee corners, and cocktail bars. One place that makes me keep coming back is Kim Soo, a concept design store which sells a huge collection of homewares curated from natural and local sources. Not only a heaven for interior inspiration, this chic store also has lots of instagramable spots!

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Derrière Restaurant Part 2

I’ve managed to visit Derrière Restaurant again and finally discovered the ‘hidden’ part of this quirky restaurant. For those who were familiar with my previous post on Derrière Restaurant part 1 which was focused on the ground floor. This time, I report back my investigation on the first floor and share with you guys my ‘findings’. Firstly, this post might contain some spoilers so for those who are planning to visit this restaurant soon, pardonne-moi for ruining your curiosity… I warned you already…huh?

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Harry Potter x Primark

As a huge fan of Harry Potter- the one who was dying to see the latest movie on theatre, pre-ordered their recent script book as soon as the news spread out or enjoyed every single detail of Harry Potter memorabilia in House of Minalima- yes I’m always keen ticking off my list of anything relates to Harry Potter. Living in London for 5 years was such a huge benefit. So, when I already left London and heard that Warner Bros have launched a collaboration with Primark, I felt disappointed. Lucky me, there are several branches in France and there’s one close to Paris and they have a Harry Potter range as well! Wo-Hoo!!

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Colour Crush: Neutrals & Copper

After months hunting down a couch through internet and showroom, we finally have a couch! Who knows finding a perfect couch can be dragging on for so long ?! Finally this couch meets our criteria and we are pretty pleased about it. It’s grey, good material, convertible, comfy and spacious enough for four people. The touches of grey and copper metallic accents are the perfect colour combination against a white background. These neutrals with a pop of copper would enhance the minimalist decor. I also incorporated flowers or some greeny to liven the space. The use of organic materials such as our wooded coffee tables also highlighted the rustic vibe. Pair up the muted colours to create harmony with some textures through a Moroccan ottoman and white faux sheepskin rug.  Style up with a bit of details through monochromatic stackable books and geometric coaster, candle & boxes.

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Flat in Paris

This Spring, we’ve got our first home in Paris, so exciting! We’ve just moved in last month and filling our home with appliances as it was unfurnished flat. It’s going to take lots of work and lots of buying as well. However, the idea of decorating in whatever way I want really strikes me with tons of enthusiasm! I knew you might see some bits of my home through some DIY published posts previously, but now I’d like to share the interior of the room. I begin with my favourite place of the flat, the bedroom.

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