Blush Pink & Copper Foil Floral Wedding Invite

Welcome to March! I can’t wait to smell pretty blossoms and see the city in the full bloom. So what better way to start the month than with this blush pink and copper foil floral wedding invite? Beautiful floral design in shades of pale pink paired with green hues will make the perfect combination. And yes… we celebrate Pantone Green as a Colour of the Year as well!

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Bright Floral & Tropical Invite & Bridal Shower Stationery

I just can’t wait to organise this fun bridal shower lunch for Jessica with the girls this week. Remember the fuchsia bridesmaid and attire guide card I’ve shared previously? I teamed up those floral arrangements and added some tropical leaves to create bright and colourful floral & tropical invite and party stationery. The bridal shower is still in preparation but I can share those little perks now. Here is the sneak peek, I’m more than ready!

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#Sudikawin Bridal Shower


Inspired by the Kate Spade style, this fun bridal shower was an absolute thrill!  I had an amazing time designing the custom bridal shower invite using the black and white stripes and gold foil which were perfect colour combo for the theme. Also a subtle hint of colour with fuchsia stripe.

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