Summertime in Bali

This was the first time Victor visited my hometown, Indonesia and I was trying to beat his surprise on our French Riviera road trip previously (see the post) by bringing him to our paradise, Bali. It was a successful mission, at the end of our trip he said this was the best trip we’ve ever had. I am totally pleased! This burst of excitement also got into me as it was ages ago when I visited Bali- most probably during my school field trip. So pardon me if I acted like a tourist and freaked out every-time I saw the infinity pools.

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Part 2: Summer in London Engagement Session

Tanya and Thomas travelled across the continent and arrived in London after they got engaged. They wanted to cherish this chapter of their life with this beautiful engagement session. The photo session was set up in Summer time which brings lots of vibrant colours, fun and full of energy. Their love stories as Londoners; enjoying Summer picnic in the Kensington Park, an afternoon tea in the Ivy Chelsea Garden and strolling through dreamy neighbourhood in Belgravia. Follow their romantic journey this way.

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Dreamy Island: Santorini

Santorini has truly stolen my heart. It was an absolute dream to land on this charming island! Santorini or Thira is a large cauldron which remains after an enormous volcanic eruption- well known as Caldera. This unique which characterises Santorini; the gleaming white buildings, some are topped with blue half-spheres on a cliff and the shades of turquoise of the Aegean sea as a flawless background. Something about this place is so magical which makes you enjoy every minute in this stunning place. Follow our journey here.

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Weekend project: DIY watermelon tank

What I am loving from the weekend is a full time of crafting! I have been anxious to work on my watermelon tank project. Here is a first time I will do a fabric dye and stamps made out from unused plain tank top. I can’t be more excited about this!

1. A fabric dye

To make a dye ombre tank, you need a fabric dye. I choose pink colour from RIT powdered dye to create soft pink gradient as a background and stamp it later with watermelons shape. Also you will need:

• white plain cotton tank top (100% cotton not polyester or others)

• a medium bowl

• unused newspaper

• a stick (to blend the mixture)


ombre dye tank

Step one: Mix the powder with hot water ( follow the instructions for the measurement)

Step two: Wet the tank top and put into the bowl of dye.

Step three: Lift your tank out of the dye a few inches. Moving up your tank bit by bit will create a gradient. This will leave the bottom of your tank as the darkest colour

Step four: When you finish, rinse the tank in cold water until the water runs clear.

Let it dry under the sun or hair dryer for the quick result before going to the next process.

2. Watermelon stamps

You will need:

• fabric paints (my watermelon combo colour: true red and apple green)

• an apple or a potato

• black paint

• brush

• disposable plate


Step one: cut the apple in half across the middle then slice down the middle again to create a wedge.


Step two: spread the red colour on the plate and dip the apple wedge until the paint coat all surface


Step three: begin to stamp onto the ombre tank, press down firmly and release

Repeat until fill all space. Let the red paint dry.


Step four: prepare a layer of green on plate and dip the brush into the paint


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Step five: Add the rim of green.


Step six: The last touch for watermelon artwork: stomp seeds across the tank with black paint brush.


My colourful fruity tank is ready to show up! x