Padma Resort Ubud

Located in the middle of bamboo forest of Payangan, this luxury resort Padma Ubud is the secluded sanctuary that sets the distance apart from the city centre of Ubud. It’s ideal for those who seek for a calm and relaxed getaway in nature. I wouldn’t mind getting stuck there as there are so many things to see and explore in this large resort.

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Paris Recommendation: Montmartre

Montmartre is utterly beautiful that I feel I need to dedicate one post only talking about this charming Parisian neighbourhood. I highly recommend spending a day wandering in the steep and cobbled streets of Montmartre. So put this charming 18 arrondissement in your Paris bucketlist next time you visit this city of love!

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Lost in Venice

There are some places that you think you need to visit at least once in your lifetime, I might think differently. Venice is such a charm, I wouldn’t mind keeping coming back to this pretty place. The first time I visited this magical place, I made a promise to come back. Last week I fulfilled my wish and yes… this small island still fascinates me and like a magnet- I’m still eager to return! Here’s a story of my little adventure in Venice. Read more


Librarie Acqua Alta, Venice

I love to hunt for some quirky places around the world so when I had a short trip to Venice last week, I made sure to visit this extraordinary bookstore Located near Piazza San Giovanni, Librarie Acqua Alta sells and displays new and second hand books- piled up inside gondolas, boats and bathtubs! Head this way to take a peek inside this eccentric and quirky bookstore.Read more


Paris Recomendations

Because I had so many questions regarding the best places to visit in Paris,  I decided to write this post for you who are looking for an inspiration for things to do/visit in Paris. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I’ve been ticking off a few places on my travel list and I would like to share my faves with you here. If you’re curious about those cute places on my Instagram feed or planning a trip to this romantic city- these recommendations might be handy to you.

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