The Beauty of Colmar, Alsace

In the heart of the Alsace region, Colmar- a beautiful town (most believed to be the inspiration of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie) is undeniably charming. This French town is located in between of Strasbourg and Mullhouse and close to the border of Germany. The best time to visit is either Spring or Winter when the city is covered with night lights, Alsatian pottery, spice breads, artisan wine and cheese in Christmas markets. We visited Colmar in May, the end of the bloom season, however the city is still beautiful and fascinating- mostly because those photogenic colourful buildings!

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I’m on Youtube!

Hi! I’ve just made a short clip of my road trip to French Riviera, Monaco and Italian Riviera. Check it out!

Also the full blog post is here in case you’ve missed it!


Road trip to the South of France

Last month to celebrate my birthday, we headed to the South of France. I was so excited for my first road trip exploring this beautiful country, France. We rented a car and planned to drive along the coastline of the French Riviera and Italian Riviera including Monaco. One of the perks living in Europe is the distance- you could easily jump and step on another country in hours. So fancy for lunch in Monaco and dinner in Italy in one day?

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Barcelona, Gaudi’s hometown


I had been craving to visit Spain for such a long time. Finally, this Summer I was lucky enough to tuck into the beauty of Barcelona. Who doesn’t love Barcelona? The capital of Catalonia offers magnificent art and architecture, tapas and sangria feast, nice and bubbly Catalans, Zara at Spanish prices(eh?) and lots of Sunshines!

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Summer Holiday: cast away to Halong Bay

You might be wondering where I have been this past weeks. The reason of my absence of posts is I have travelled back to my hometown, 11 days in Indonesia and 5 days in Vietnam. I was having such a great time to meet up with my families and friends in Jakarta. This is the first time I’ve been to Vietnam and I certainly fell in love with Halong Bay, a UNESCO word heritage where a famous James Bond movie, ‘Die Another Die’ took place. Despite the heat, I walked in the sunshine and took plenty snaps of enormous beautiful limestone karsts.

The local boat delivered us to the harbour where you can climb and explore the largest grotto in Halong. I also jump onto a traditional junk boat to discover hidden lagoons and exotic grottoes in my journey. Follow my journey here….