Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so there are plenty of reasons to spread the love. Spoil your families and friends with these thoughtful cards. I’ve created a line of Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards this season. Which one is your favourite?

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Friday in Love

I am so glad that we have Valentine’s day on Friday, it means love for all weekend! We decide to have a homemade dinner. Our Valentine dinner menu is French Vinaigrette Salad for starter, Escalope de poulet for main course and my fave Daim Cake for dessert, accompanied with a bottle of sparkling rose wine. Tummy, you better get ready!

My boyfriend is the chef of the day, preparing the homemade recipe from his mum while I am taking lots of pictures. Haha! It’s common for French eating salad with vinaigrette, a sour and salty dressing which is  a nice companion for the salad. All the recipe is very simple, so if you would like to have a typical french dinner, we are happy to share our kitchen recipe.


french vinaigrette


Feel free to print and stick on your fridge or your recipe book collection

How to make:

Prepare a bowl of salad, add a salt and pepper croutons even better!

photo 3 (8)

Prepare a measure cup and whisk- mix salt, pepper, mustard and oil together.

photo 4 (8)

photo 1 (10)

Stir until you get an emulsion. You could put in the fridge for a while or pour directly to ready salad.

photo 4 (7)

The starter is done, now preparing the main course, Escalope de poulet which means a thin slice of chicken. Instead of chicken you could replace it with turkey. It is difficult to find a thin slice of chicken in England, so we bought the chicken breast and knead the meat until it’s flat.


How to make

Heat the saucepan with a little olive oil. Cook the chickens until it turn brown.

photo 3 (7)

photo 2 (11)

Put aside the chicken. Use the same saucepan to make the sauce because we want to use what leftover from the chicken. Pour a bottle of white wine, salt and pepper.

photo 4 (9)

And the mustard and stir it well.

photo 5 (5)

Add the double cream.

photo 2 (12)

Meanwhile, warm up the oven. Place the chicken on plate suitable for oven. Slice a couple of cheese and add on top of the chicken. Fold the ham and place it on top of cheese.

photo 3 (9)

photo 5 (6)

Finally pour the sauce until it covers the chicken and cook in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

photo 3 (6)

Bon Appetit!


It’s a month of love, xoxo

It’s a month of Love!
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