The Beauty of Colmar, Alsace

In the heart of the Alsace region, Colmar- a beautiful town (most believed to be the inspiration of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie) is undeniably charming. This French town is located in between of Strasbourg and Mullhouse and close to the border of Germany. The best time to visit is either Spring or Winter when the city is covered with night lights, Alsatian pottery, spice breads, artisan wine and cheese in Christmas markets. We visited Colmar in May, the end of the bloom season, however the city is still beautiful and fascinating- mostly because those photogenic colourful buildings!

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Hola Seville!

When I was on vacation last Summer with my families, we decided to visit the southern Spain, Andalucia. Some relatives recommended Seville for its great architecture, heritage and culture. It turned out the city is very impressive and I totally loved it! No wonder why, Seville has lots to offer! The amazing city with these iconic places such as: Plaza de Espana Square, Real Alcazar, Seville Cathedral, the famous live flamenco dance, tapas bars, and the lovely Sevillians would definitely steal your heart away.

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Barcelona, Gaudi’s hometown


I had been craving to visit Spain for such a long time. Finally, this Summer I was lucky enough to tuck into the beauty of Barcelona. Who doesn’t love Barcelona? The capital of Catalonia offers magnificent art and architecture, tapas and sangria feast, nice and bubbly Catalans, Zara at Spanish prices(eh?) and lots of Sunshines!

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Dreamy Island: Santorini


Santorini has truly stolen my heart. It was an absolute dream to land on this charming island! Santorini or Thira is a large cauldron which remains after an enormous volcanic eruption- well known as Caldera. This unique which characterises Santorini; the gleaming white buildings, some are topped with blue half-spheres on a cliff and the shades of turquoise of the Aegean sea as a flawless background. Something about this place is so magical which makes you enjoy every minute in this stunning place. Follow our journey here.

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When in Prague


I was secretly dreaming to live in this lovely city when I was fifteen years old after reading a novel telling a story in Prague. Little did I know I was finally here in the capital of Czech of Republic. It was hard not instantly falling in love with this city. It was love at the first sight on this mesmerising Old Town where you feel like stumble across the fairytale architecture. Not to mention some classic cars or horse carriages in front of Old Town Square. Here are my experiences and some snaps during the trip in Prague.

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