Brixton Market


Name all the well-known markets in London, Brick Lane and Old Spitalfields, Camden Market, Portabello Market, Borough Market for foodie stalls and vintage & fashion fleas? If you are feeling bored with the mainstream markets, try to spend your weekend at Brixton Market.

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Carboot Sales in London


One of my favourite outdoor activities in London is hunting treasures in Carboot Sale. It’s not just the bargain which is appealing the most but it’s more to the excitement of finding a good stuff among hundreds of second hands bulks. If you are a savvy shopper, you might find some antique stuffs that worth every penny or one of the kind piece that makes the hunting worthwhile!

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A Sunday well spent

I’m all over the cakes and flowers this weekend, those two things are the BEST for the weekend!

As the cooler weather is starting to grow, my Sunday begin with a breakfast at Ottolenghi, Notting Hill.  Their fresh platters of salads and delis and yummy cakes and pastries are my faves. I get myself a cup of coffee and sit on their communal table downstairs. Whilst enjoying my cup of coffee, I can’t resist to take a bite of macadamia caramel cheesecake which makes an instant sugar rush in the morning!






 Sweet tooth x

Then I wander to Battersea Flower Station. At first I came across this hidden gem when I was on my way to Battersea Car Boot Sales. Like some secret gate, this fence which stood next flowers baskets actually leads to a long path to the garden full of floras, exotic plants, herbs, trees and a greenhouse!



 Some flowers galore certainly kept me feeling a little summery.






A perfect place to find either a lovely bouquet or house plants also if you after for seeds, soils, pots or any gardening tools. Not only that, you will also spot a nice collection of natural theme cards, handmade soaps and candles from around UK.




A special week in September

Hi everyone! Hope your early week of September was going fantastic! Mine was bit overwhelmed. We’ve got a new flat, a busy weekend with packing and moving in stuff.


Home sweet home


a house warming gift from Orys

There are also many things going on at the work. We launched a new collection from Anna Lou of London at Ben’s Canteen.



It’s a peak time to send off 5,000 items to our trade customers in Japan. It was such a big relief for me, we’ve managed to wrap it off and get it all done in time for the delivery. Also we’re doing a shooting for Anna Lou of London brand video in office.



Whilst trying to keep up the stamina on for work, one of my close friends was leaving the country. We’ve been friends for 4 years in UK, I feel sad to let her go.


Bon Voyage Orys!

Luckily the day after was my two years anniversary day, so I’ve got something to distract my mind from feeling gloomy. A little surprise in the morning as I’ve got a biometric invitation letter from UKBA. It’s really a good sign. I went back home and the surprise continued-my boyfriend brought me roses, a gift, a bottle of champagne and he cooked for the dinner! He made my day! Like he always does.




Weekend Style at #guardiancoffee

Happy weekend everyone! I headed to the East London on Saturday, exploring bricklane, one of my favourite vintage markets in London. It’s bit chill today and I fancy for a cup of coffee to warm up ourselves. I found an unique spot in Boxpark, Shoreditch- it’s #guardiancoffee shop. Oh ya it’s served coffee of course… from Nude Espresso. And that must be some kind of purpose putting the hashtag at their name? As it is quoted from their website,

“#guardiancoffee is a brand new, caffeine-infused pop-up destination here in the heart of East London’s creative technology community. Launched in partnership with EE, #guardiancoffee welcomes anyone and everyone to drop by to debate the issues pertinent to the UK’s tech sector, share ideas and opinions, or simply enjoy a great cup of coffee.”

So, it’s tech coffee pop up shop. Once you enter the place, there is a big projector data displaying news, tweets and blog, etc. Then all the tables have a tablet which you could read news or browsing while enjoying a cup of coffee.

photo 1 (4)

photo 1


photo 5

This place is designed very minimalist with wooden table, bench and floor. And spot the brand with initial ‘G’ from Guardian everywhere and blue colour from illustrations on the wall.

photo 2 (5)


photo 3

I would like to share my weekend outfits. Today’s theme is casual effortlessness and layer it up!

photo 1 (2)

 lilac shirt/Uniqlo, tan jumper/GAP, cotton leggings/ Uniqlo, rubber boots/Mellisa by ASOS

photo 4

photo 4 (2)

stackable gold ring and nectarine luxe necklace/ Annalouoflondon