The Beauty of Colmar, Alsace

In the heart of the Alsace region, Colmar- a beautiful town (most believed to be the inspiration of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie) is undeniably charming. This French town is located in between of Strasbourg and Mullhouse and close to the border of Germany. The best time to visit is either Spring or Winter when the city is covered with night lights, Alsatian pottery, spice breads, artisan wine and cheese in Christmas markets. We visited Colmar in May, the end of the bloom season, however the city is still beautiful and fascinating- mostly because those photogenic colourful buildings!

Colmar is located in the middle of the vineyard French countryside. Yes it has the typical French streets- cobblestone lanes and alley but somehow you feel like you are dropped into some fairytale settings. Mainly because this old town is surrounded by those coloured timbered houses. Even the city centre- half of the buildings are modern high street shops, cafe or restaurants and another half colourful windows at the top.

The architecture was from the medieval times and with the great influence from Germany. Indeed the Alsatian both speaks French and German. Those mix influences are also found in their cuisine. It is famous for Choucroute, meat and sausage meal served with cabbages and potatoes. We opted for Michelin restaurant, La Petite Venise- well known for its lovely flower arrangements entrance at the front.

The restaurant is in the heart of Petite Venise which is basically little canal lines (those you see on the postcards!). You can take a boat tour from just across the restaurant we had been.

We were wondering this hotel at the side of canal must have the most romantic view ever. Other attractions in Colmar including Museum of Hansi (the famous Alsatian artist) which is showcasing his amazing artworks, St. Martin’s Church, Maison Pfister which is an example of Renaissance architecture.

Marechal Hotel by the Little Venice Canal


The town is pedestrian friendly so strolling the old town to discover the artisan bakery and traditional gourmet, cafes, souvenir shops or hop on the tourist train for the tour around the city centre.


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