Valentine Gift Ideas


Love is in the air! I’m sharing some little things to surprise him this Valentine… These crafty and fun valentine gift ideas are super sweet, perfect to tell someone your feeling this Valentine’s day. Who doesn’t love these combo surprises?! And especially for you I’m sharing those printables for free and with lots of love!!

Everyone loves sweets and desserts…A box of heart shaped chocolate is not the only way to show your love. This love package is the perfect gift for sweets lovers!

valentine_surprises_vena-esperanza.com copy

Personalised Nutella Jar

Get a personalised Nutella jar and write his name, your initial or any meaningful word for both of you. You can get a personalised label for free here. All you need to do is stick the label and make your own Nutella jar!

Pop Tart with You make my heart ‘POP’ label

Give him this special POP tart for breakfast, I’m sure this will be the perfect wake up call! Download here, print and attach ‘You make my heart POP’ label.


Give me HUGGLE (Hug and Snuggle!) card- Print the printable onto card stock and cut out.



Have a marathon movie night? These printables will add extra spice to your romantic night.

Valentine Popcorn Box Printable

Make your own Valentine popcorn box, free printable and tutorial here.


‘Drunk In Love’ Craft Beer

Get him his favourite craft beer and attach this label ‘Drunk in love’- you will smash it! Download the printable here.


Funko Figure + ‘You’re my little Gangsta’ card

This character figure is my fave! If you’re a movie lover, you might want to get this adorable figure for him. Find your favourite in the full collection here. I got him one of his favourite movie characters, Tony Montana from Scarface. To add a little twist, I printed ‘You’re my little Gangsta’ card.





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