Valentines Pop Up Card

It’s never too old fashioned to send someone a card on Valentine’s Day. Surprise someone special with this Valentines pop up card. The sweet words, ‘ You Make My Heart Go’ with a little heart and the letters POP jump out when you open the card would be the perfect way to show your love. The tutorial is quick and simple, perfect for DIY lover! No special skills required so it could be done last minute as well.

Simply print out the Valentines Pop Up Card template on card stock. Fold it in half. Then cut out the letters ‘POP’.  Prepare the second card (same size as the first one), fold in in half as well. For this occasion, I pick this black card as a background so the letters will stand out.

Start cutting parallel lines as shown in the picture below. The length shouldn’t be more than half the length of the card. The width is approximately 1cm for the right and the left side also 2cm for the middle one.

Push the flaps forward so they will stand out as the foundation. Stick the first letter P on the vertical (lower) part of the flap. Repeat for all letters.

Close your card and glue the first card together to cover it up.

As seen on CraftGossip.com


  1. […] Source: Valentines Pop Up Card – vena-esperanza […]

  2. […] Source: Valentines Pop Up Card – vena-esperanza […]


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