Wedding Gift Box

Creating custom gifts always be a pleasant experience for me. I love to deliver a gift filled with love and beautiful stories to share. It all comes down to the personal experience, detailing and the thoughts that were counted. Here’s my story behind the joyful process on building a custom wedding gift box to the newlyweds!

Imagining the hectic schedule and busy preparation of the wedding day, all the newlyweds ever wanted are the time to chill and pamper themselves. The thoughts of giving them a collection of delights to enjoy together are revealing how much you care. Thinking of a proper and quiet time with just two of them- whether sipping a glass of wine with some homemade cookies extending the little celebration in their new home or enjoying breakfast with hot coffee and toasts the morning after- you get it covered!

A few essentials that are included in this thoughtful wedding gift box:

  • Homemade items

Fresh and homemade goodies are the best! It was lovely to partner up with some creative owners to support local and small businesses. Sourcing the fresh roasted coffee from the small plantation in East Indonesia, freshly baked homemade cookie in various flavours and innovative natural strawberry with chia seed jam- yum yum yum!

• Wooden box

When it comes to packaging, I always love the idea to keep it as a keepsake. I prefer to use wood or basket materials so it can be reused for something else. For this occasion, a sturdy made by hand wooden box will be the perfect base to fill all these gift items and a great addition to the new home.

• Handwritten calligraphy tag and tag

The only thing left to do is adding some personal and finishing touch. Adding calligraphy handwriting and personal message card to remind the recipient how much they are loved! As a final touch, I threaded a handmade tag with the couple’s initials and the date of their wedding through the organza ribbon.

In the need of creating a custom gifts for special occasions, please get in touch at or visit Lovebirdstories page.


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