Wedding preparations

It has been 8 months that we both are engaged, yet I’ve only been starting to work on wedding preparations several months ago as you might see some spoilers on Instagram. Oh gosh where do I even begin with? First, we need to book the venue, but then to find the venue which is suitable for us, we need to know our guest list. Most of my wedding guests are families and close friends from Indonesia which are far far away and to attend our wedding, they need some preparations in advance. The question I’m getting from them is when’s the wedding- the date! To get the exact date, we need to secure the venue. So to choose the venue… well, you know what I’m getting at right? Haha…. Welcome to the crazy world of bride-to-be!

I decided to do the wedding planning by myself and most possibly the invitations, stationeries, gifting and decor through Lovebirdstories. It could be exciting or… stressful plan ever depend on how well I can cope with my worst downfall- being too perfectionist! and crazily addicted into details….

Our wedding would be held in France and it will be an intimate celebration with friends and families. We also very excited to present our beautifully crafted wedding in a mixing culture and tradition. I’m Indonesian with Chinese bloodline so we’re planning to do a tea ceremony as a part of Chinese tradition. We’re embracing our heritage: crossing the French etiquettes with traditional Indonesian culture and Chinese infusion. The idea is introduced by these illustrations of me holding some baguette (looking french enough?) and Victor wearing batik ( traditional Indonesian motif).


  1. Goodluck Lavena for the wedding preparations!Could not wait to see more updates of the preparations 😉

    1. Thank you! Very sweet of you… x


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