Welcome Baby Gifts Ideas

I love creating a gift basket to welcome the newborn baby because I’ve got a chance to hand pick those tiny cuties and wrap it up beautifully in a small basket or crate. I normally work according gender or specific themes to decide the colour tone of the overall design. It’s one of the kind and personal to each individual because I custom design each piece to make sure delivering the best and thoughtful experience to each recipient. From the simple pink or blue to themed gift baskets, here are Welcome Baby Gifts Ideas to create a lasting impression!

Pretty Pink Gift Basket

These blush and pastel gift bundles are always the winner! The perfect gift set for a baby girl. Even sweeter with the hand lettering card saying ‘You’re beautiful’.

Check out for more pretty pink gift basket ideas here.

Nautical Baby Gift Basket

Nautical is the most popular theme for a little boy because you can play around with different shades of blue, playful motifs and fun elements such as sailor hat, anchor, life preserver and many more. Chic but still cute, it’s perfect for baby boy. Head to my previous post ‘Nautical Welcome Baby Gift’  for more details.

Animal Lovers Gift Box

Not sure the gender of the baby yet? Not worry because you can still give them a gift with these gender neutral curated gifts. Choose from bright and bold colours such as yellow and orange. For the theme- think about something that works for both, such as: animal lovers, feeling fruity, travels, foodie, etc…

Isn’t this baby journal really cute? This book helps mum to monitor baby’s meals & consumptions everyday. Peek my Book offers a variety of creative notebooks for baby and kids with fun and colourful illustrations, so make sure to check their site here.

Are you looking to give something special for a mum that is welcoming her precious newborn baby? Lovebirdstories can create a custom gift perfect for both baby and new mama that is created personally for you. Please email us at for more info.


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