Welcome baby gift basket

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone special. That’s the reason I like to gather my own curated gifts and wrap up in pretty packaging. Just to think about that moment when the recipient receives the gifts especially made for them adding more value to the process itself. I really love gift giving. I love picking up those little things and turning into a thoughtful gift basket. This time, I gather up some cute baby needs to create a welcome gift basket for newborn baby.

I decided to choose the colour palette in the traditional way- pink for girls or blue for boys or yellow when you or the parents don’t know the gender yet. (Haha!) You can have the baby suits, hats, socks, napkins, mittens or anything as you prefer in soft hues. Some baby accessories also works.


To wrap, I used baskets, tulle and ribbons creating an ultimate gift basket. I also created a handmade brush lettering tag and a gift note for an extra personal touch.


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