Wrap it Up: Christmas Presents


Countdown to the best time of the year, Christmas! I’m home this Christmas so I’ve prepared presents for my family with cute wrapping and placed them under the tree. If you leave everything till the last minute (just like me!) but wanna having something quite impressive, these holiday wrapping ideas are simple enough that you’ll be able to bash them out – so chop chop!

Wrapping presents is my routine yet favourite part of this season! Check out these festive gift wrapping and holiday gift wrapping from last years for some ideas and inspiration. This season, I explore the choice of playing with different shapes to create fun, sweet and eye-candy Christmas presents. Think outside the box, I’m actually creating giant candy canes, Christmas crackers and gingerbread house presents! Not only kids will adore but adults will totally swoon by these adorable presents.

Christmas crackers

Forget about the boring box with ribbon on the top, this sweet bon bon style will totally boost the festive mood. Perfect for small and medium size gifts. Beside as an individual gift, these candy style presents also nice substitute to favor gifts or place card at your Christmas dinner. You just need wrapping paper, rectangular gift box, ribbons, tape, scissors and you’re all set.

Step one: Cut the wrapping paper according the size of the gift box. Wrap it up and secure with tape. Leave it a bit longer each sides.

Step two: Crease the edge of paper and fold it. Tie tightly with ribbon.

Step three: Repeat step two for other side.

Bonus (tag): Tie the little flag along with the ribbon.


Giant Candy Cane

If you have a long shaped gift and you find it is quite awkward to wrap it up. Don’t worry, these candy cane style will be the best solution for that. Simply buy red and white stripes wrapping paper from art shop or create one with these following steps:

Step one: Cut 2cm width long of red paper with cutter.

Step two: Prepare the white wrapping paper that’s enough to wrap up the present. Attach the red stripes diagonally across the paper with the same length in between.

Step three: Cut off any excess paper at the corner.

Step four: Cover your gift with the ready made red and white stripes paper and secure with tape.

Bonus (tag): Attach the Santa belt gift tag with ribbon.


Gingerbread House

Taking inspiration from this blog, Craftbery Bush, this gingerbread house is definitely too adorable to resist. This style is super easy and a time saver for last minute gifts. Just pop your gifts inside these kraft paper bags and decorate your own gingerbread house with white paint/ sharpie pen.

Step one: Fold the paper bag into triangle form.

Step two: Start drawing with white paint/ sharpie pen.

Step three: Insert the gift and secure the back of triangles with tape.

Bonus (tag): Hole punch the tag and tie with twine/ string.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. What a sweet ideas for christmas gift and very usable tutorial. Can’t wait for the next posts

    1. Aww thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post x


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